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Accession #  1977 PSI-MS Name  Interim Name  Unknown:302
Description  Unidentified modification of 301.9864 found in open search
Alt. Description  The elemental composition should be assumed incorrect
Composition  H(8) C(4) N(5) O(7) S(2) Monoisotopic  301.986514 Average  302.2656
Specificity Definition 1
Site  D Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 2
Site  E Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 3
Site  C-term Position  Any C-term Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 4
Site  N-term Position  Any N-term Classification  Artefact
Notes and References 
Source  Misc. URL Reference  Trying to illuminate proteomics 'dark matter'
Curator  unimod Last Modified  2017-12-07 10:02:16 Verified  No
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