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Accession #  37 PSI-MS Name  Trimethyl Interim Name  tri-Methylation
Description  tri-Methylation
Composition  H(6) C(3) Monoisotopic  42.046950 Average  42.0797
Specificity Definition 1
Site  K Position  Anywhere Classification  Post-translational
Neutral Loss  H(9) C(3) N Monoisotopic  59.073499 Average  59.1103
Neutral Loss    Monoisotopic  0.000000 Average  0.0000
Specificity Definition 2
Site  R Position  Anywhere Classification  Chemical derivative
Specificity Definition 3
Site  A Position  Protein N-term Classification  Post-translational
Notes and References 
Source  FindMod Reference  TRIMETH
Source  RESID Reference  AA0062
Source  RESID Reference  AA0074
Source  PubMed PMID Reference  12590383
Source  Journal Reference  Zhang, K. et al. 2004. Differentiation between peptides containing acetylated or tri-methylated lysines by mass spectrometry: an application for determining lysine 9 acetylation and methylation of histone H3. Proteomics 4:1-10.
Source  Misc. URL Reference  Explanation of why RESID gives the delta as 43 Da
Source  Misc. URL Reference  Role of arginine and its methylated derivatives in cancer biology and treatment
Source  Journal Reference  J. Hirota et. al., Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom., 17 371-6 (2003)
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