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Accession #  421 PSI-MS Name  Sulfide Interim Name  persulfide
Description  persulfide
Composition  S Monoisotopic  31.972071 Average  32.0650
Specificity Definition 1
Site  C Position  Anywhere Classification  Post-translational
Specificity Definition 2
Site  D Position  Anywhere Classification  Post-translational
Comment  beta-thiolation
Specificity Definition 3
Site  W Position  Anywhere Classification  Chemical derivative
Comment  Addition of a single sulfur atom by Pi3-Tryptophan reagent to create thiol
Notes and References 
Source  RESID Reference  AA0269
Source  Misc. URL Reference  Instruction manual for the Pi3 Tryptophan selective resins
Source  FindMod Reference  CYSP
Curator  unimod Last Modified  2012-11-23 11:25:27 Verified  Yes
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