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Accession #  49 PSI-MS Name  Phosphopantetheine Interim Name  p-pantetheine
Description  Phosphopantetheine
Composition  H(21) C(11) N(2) O(6) P S Monoisotopic  340.085794 Average  340.3330
Specificity Definition 1
Site  S Position  Anywhere Classification  Post-translational
Notes and References 
Source  RESID Reference  AA0150
Source  FindMod Reference  PPAN
Notes  Protein which contains at least one phosphopantetheine as the prosthetic group. In acyl carrier proteins (ACP) for example, it serves as a \'swinging arm\' for the attachment of activated fatty acid and amino-acid groups.
Curator  unimod Last Modified  2006-10-16 16:00:24 Verified  Yes
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