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Accession #  5 PSI-MS Name  Carbamyl Interim Name  Carbamyl
Description  Carbamylation
Composition  H C N O Monoisotopic  43.005814 Average  43.0247
Specificity Definition 1
Site  K Position  Anywhere Classification  Multiple
Specificity Definition 2
Site  N-term Position  Any N-term Classification  Multiple
Specificity Definition 3
Site  R Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 4
Site  C Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 5
Site  M Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 6
Site  S Position  Anywhere Classification  Chemical derivative
Specificity Definition 7
Site  T Position  Anywhere Classification  Chemical derivative
Specificity Definition 8
Site  Y Position  Anywhere Classification  Chemical derivative
Specificity Definition 9
Site  N-term Position  Protein N-term Classification  Post-translational
Notes and References 
Source  PubMed PMID Reference  12203680
Source  Journal Reference  Stark; Modification of proteins with cyanate. Meth Enz 25B, 579-584 (1972)
Source  RESID Reference  AA0343
Source  PubMed PMID Reference  10978403
Source  RESID Reference  AA0332
Source  Journal Reference  Smyth; Carbamylation of amino and tyrosine hydroxyl groups. J Biol Chem 242, 1579-1591 (1967)
Source  Misc. URL Reference  IonSource carbamylation tutorial
Notes  Carbamylation is an irreversible process of non-enzymatic modification of proteins by the breakdown products of urea isocyanic acid reacts with the N-term of a proteine or side chains of lysine and arginine residues
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