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Accession #  7 PSI-MS Name  Deamidated Interim Name  Deamidation
Description  Deamidation
Alt. Description  phenyllactyl from N-term Phe
Alt. Description  Citrullination
Composition  H(-1) N(-1) O Monoisotopic  0.984016 Average  0.9848
Specificity Definition 1
Site  N Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Comment  Convertion of glycosylated asparagine residues upon deglycosylation with PNGase F in H2O
Specificity Definition 2
Site  Q Position  Anywhere Classification  Artefact
Specificity Definition 3
Site  R Position  Anywhere Classification  Post-translational
Neutral Loss  H C N O Monoisotopic  43.005814 Average  43.0247
Neutral Loss    Monoisotopic  0.000000 Average  0.0000
Comment  Protein which is post-translationally modified by the de-imination of one or more arginine residues; Peptidylarginine deiminase (PAD) converts protein bound to citrulline
Specificity Definition 4
Site  F Position  Protein N-term Classification  Post-translational
Notes and References 
Source  PubMed PMID Reference  6838602
Source  RESID Reference  AA0214
Source  Misc. URL Reference  IonSource tutorial
Source  FindMod Reference  CITR
Source  RESID Reference  AA0128
Source  FindMod Reference  FLAC
Source  PubMed PMID Reference  15700232
Source  FindMod Reference  DEAM
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